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Gloaming 8-piece Dice Set

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This listing is for an 7-piece set (d2 coin, crystal d4, d6, trapezohedron d8, d10, d%, rhombic d12, logo d20) of handmade, sharp-edged resin dice. Fae glimmer with a touch of melancholy in the withering flowers, which almost resemble insect wings.

Featuring Dapper Cat Dice's custom font, inked in gunmetal.

This set is part of a series inspired by characters from Critical Role's Exandria Unlimited: Calamity miniseries. Gloaming takes its visual cues from the Herald of Avalir, Loquatius Seelie.

Please note: this set has some microbubbles and pricing reflects this flaw.



Care information

Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Roll on a soft or padded surface.

Resin dice are quite hardy and should last a long time with proper care. They can be cleaned off with soap, water, and a microfiber cloth.


Due to its handmade nature, this product is subject to small cosmetic imperfections such as scratches, mold marks, rounded corners or edges, chips, small surface or internal bubbles etc. These features are purely cosmetic and will not affect the roll in any significant way. All finished sets are perfectly suited for use in any game, short of gambling. Dapper Cat Dice does not sell any sets that I wouldn't use at my table.

Notable imperfections will be stated in the listing description.

There will be some degree of yellowing as the resin ages, but this can be slowed down by proper care.

Please review my return policy and read the description carefully before purchasing.