About Us

Welcome adventurers!

Thank you for stopping in for a visit!  While it may not be initially apparent, dappercatdice.com actually plays host to not one, but two artists!  Without further ado, let us introduce ourselves. 

Dapper Cat Dice

My interest in dice began after I painted my very first mini and played my first TTRPG when I was but a wee babe at the tender age of 10. My squirrel brain naturally was attracted to the smooth, shiny little rocks that made click clack noises, and while I wish I could say it was hoarding at first sight, it wasn't until 15 years later when I had disposable income that I got my first couple sets of (factory-made) dice. It was all downhill from there, as I started getting deep into the dice world and finding more unique, artisan dice, and started exploring how to make my own.

With the world-changing event that is the Covid-19 Pandemic, Dapper Cat Dice was finally born. 

All dice at Dapper Cat Dice have been designed and brought to life by me, right in my tiny home studio. From molds to ink, I pour hours working on each and every set, and no two sets are the same, even when they share a design.  After months of testing and learning, we've arrived here. Thanks again for spending the time to follow my journey so far, and I hope you'll stay a while!

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It has always been a dream to produce tangible tactile art merch that others can hold and enjoy. I’ve been doing private art commissions up til 2022 where my brain decided I was finally confident enough to release my first product.
With the Covid-19 pandemic, I was introduced to the world of DnD and was greatly inspired by the community around it.

My works focus on cute / cool nerdy projects by fantasy, games, rpgs and everyday stuff. If you grab something from the shop, it goes towards supporting my passion and funds towards me being able to experiment and create a variety of geeky goodies! I hope my work brings smiles to your everyday!

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Note: Dapper Cat Dice & FeatherxCrown are POC, LGBTQA2+, neurodivergent-owned businesses.